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Bigun School – Ukraine


It is wonderful to bring you some great news about all the work that has happened at Bigun School thanks to the kindness and donations of our supporters. Yet again, our small link has pulled off a big project.


Gerrie first visited Bigun School, where most of our visiting children come from, five years ago and found it needed a lot of work doing especially to the toilets the children had to use.


As with all old buildings (especially ones that haven’t had any maintenance for at least 33 years), once you start “peeling” off the layers, lots more work comes to the surface, so this needed a bigger investment than our usual projects.


Fortunately, Dennis our CEO, is used to managing projects in Ukraine and this meant he knew the local, skilled and trustworthy builders. It was a bit of a conundrum for him to maximize the usable space but, with a lot of juggling, he came up with a workable plan that the builders were happy with.


Once the team started work, they uncovered so many problems it was, frustratingly, a case of one step forward and three steps back … decaying pipes, windows under layers and layers of paint were rotten, all the electric wiring had to be replaced and when the floor was dug up, they found damp underneath it. In addition, the lighting had to be replaced, new doors put in, the whole area tiled, and all the pipes replaced.


Yes - a great deal of work to be done.


One of the nicest things about this project was that mothers and grandmothers came at the end of each day to help with the clean-up and they could see that whilst improvements were being made, it was highlighting faults in other areas, so we supplied the paint and they took it upon themselves to decorate the corridors.


The support of our North Wales link to make significant improvements has been very welcomed by the children and staff of Bigun School. Yuri, the headmaster, is so grateful for all the help they have been given. Although, he has said “there is a slight down side to the new toilets – the children love them so much they are staying in them so long they are late getting to their lessons”.


Its’ impossible to name everyone involved, without your help we would not have been able to complete this monumental task. So, THANK YOU from the bottom of all our hearts, and more importantly a big THANK YOU from the Children of Bigun School.




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